Tailor-Made Cosmetics


First of all, you are beautiful, you are flawless and we think you are amazing. Makeup is meant to be fun, to boost confidence, to express emotion and to express identity. So let’s have some fun together in creating makeup that not only perfectly match but enhance the skin you're in.


Step 1


The SWATCHED. process starts with a simple questionnaire to establish your profile. These questions mimic a makeup artists' thought process when customizing products for their clients.

Step 2

Product is mixed.

Our team of professional makeup artists review your profile and custom mix your products to specifically match your criteria. Your custom formulas are stored for future refills.

Step 3

Check your mailbox! 

Your custom SWATCHED. products are promptly packaged and shipped. Along with your product, we’ll include some tips on how to get the most out of your SWATCHED. purchase. 


SWATCHED. products are tailored according to your specific skin type, tone and undertone as well as eye and hair color providing you your best matched cosmetics.

Picture of  foundation


No one needs to know you are wearing foundation and our DISCREET. foundation makes certain they never will.

decorative cream cheek swatch in multiple colors


When you are feeling flirty or in need of an instant pick me up reach for PLAYFUL. our multi-purpose cream color.

Decorative image of lipsticks in varyings shades with water drops in


We all have something to say! Our EMPOWERED. lipsticks ensure when you speak they are listening.

Image of Andrew Zepeda the founder of Swatched.

Our Story

Developed by makeup artist Andrew Zepeda, SWATCHED. brings his method of mixing custom foundation, blush and lipstick for his clients directly to you. 

Now anyone can have professional, tailor-made products by simply answering a set of questions put forth by Andrew.

All SWATCHED. products are thoughtfully sourced and tailored to your specific needs. Combination skin? No problem. Sensitive skin? We’ve got you covered.  

It has been Andrew’s dream for a long time for anyone and everyone to have access to makeup that matches the skin they are in. SWATCHED. is designed to enhance the unique qualities that make you so beautifully you. 

Andrew Zepeda has been a professional makeup artist for more than a decade, revered as the best kept secret among the most influential circles on both coasts. He would consistently hear “How do you make my skin look so good?” or “I need a lip color that matches my dress - is that even possible?” Yes! It’s totally possible.

Customizing makeup to match a client’s skin isn’t new - professionals have been doing it since the first dab of foundation touched a face. SWATCHED. innovates the process through their self-guided customization survey, allowing anyone to have their virtual makeup artist create a completely custom product.